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It's been a while since I've last posted...

40 Icons

[8] Audrey Hepburn
[8] Keira Knightley
[8] FFVII/Advent Children - Tifa Lockhart
[8] Gone With the Wind
[4] The Cast of OC
[4] Misc./Fashion Photography

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Resources and Credit
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Saved one of the GWTW ones, will credit when use.
Well done! I snagged 7 and 8. :)
All of your icons are beautiful! I like your style. But I absolutely love the first GWTW icon. It perfectly captures the essence of the scene. :)
These are very beautiful!
I love the effects and textures!! <33~
Haha, 7. :) These are all gorgeous!
Ooooh! Snagged all Gone With the Wind ones! Thank you, and I'll credit!
Gone With The Wind! Awesome. Love #8!
I love your soft-glowy style. =o I usually don't see icons like yours around!
Love these! #4 for future use, will credit. :)
Snagged the first Keira one. Will credit.
I'm tajing the Scarlett Bored Now. I so love it.=)
grabbed Keira 2,5,6
O GAD! Taking a bunch of the Audrey Hepburn ones. Beautiful icons. Will credit. <3
taking 2 and 7, thanks
Took Audrey #1 and Scarlett #7, will credit !
Awesome stuff !
Just passing by and happened across these - have taken 1 and 7 of the GWTW ones, they're great! Will credit.
snagged GWTW 5 6 7 them!
yay love that rhett one ^_^
Took a few, will credit. :)
love tifa #1! By any chance you still have the fanart of it?
Yes, I do. =) Here it is:

Thanks a bunch <3 It's very pretty. I'm going to use it as my wallpaper someday.
snagged #6 of GWTW. Will credit, thanks!
using 1 & 3 will credit.
I'll use the one of Rhett <3 I'll credit and I won't hotlink. I love your icons.