Rinoa (schierke) wrote in ljamboree,

A few ingame Rinoa icons

I never see ingame Rinoa icons and decided to make a few simple ones.

screens: Rebelling Princess
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I like them all, but my favorite one is the first one. =) And yeah, I don't think that I've ever seen any ingame Rinoa icons either.
I really like these. You hardly see people who use in-game screens to make icons. You should make more. :D
People who use icons are noobs. . You should be able to just see the battlefield not see an ezmode symbol, people who use unitframes are noobs.
love <3
I love ingame icons! If you like FFIX make some~! <3
Anyway I love the 1st & 3rd one the most. Will credit when used.
ohh I so love these ^^ my fav is the first and last one X3
I do like the idea of ingame icons. :D

Lovely, should make more, but from other games too ;]
thanks everyone, I have uploaded 3 more...
Best FF game and lovely icons!
OMG these are so pretty and rare! snags them all.
thank you!!! these brings back fond memories playing the awesome awesome game with awesome squall and rinoa. XD
I like the first one.
So pretty, I loe th last two.
Heh, these make me want to replay the game when I have more time.
Eeeeek! Too cute! I'm totally in love with the first three. ;) I'd steal them, but it seems everyone else already is. They're still totally adorable. ;)
Took #1 thanks!
#1 is really pretty! I'll be taking it, thanks alot! =D
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