Rinoa (schierke) wrote in ljamboree,

A few Metal Gear Solid 4 PMC icons

The Pieuvre Armement PMC commercial was just so hat it had to be done.

Resources: colorfilter & video

Plonge en mort.
Une mort superficielle.
Une vie superficielle de la mort.
Qu'est-ce que la vie sans la mort?
Qu'est-ce que la mort sans la vie?
La vie est sur-faite.
Pieuvre Armement
Attraction Irrestible

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Heh, hard to tell if they're tentacles or wings at first in #3-6.

Go figure. Tentacles.
japan/kojima, nuff said!
Tentacles scare me for some reason. I think that it's the suction cups-or-whatever-they-are that creep me out the most.

@icons: niceeeeee. pink & green/blue coloring = pretty.
hot shiz!
Live action MGS4? o_O
it's one of many boner private military company commercials in the game
Yeah just wait till you see the Beauty and the Beasts ;D