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Again already?

Yep, two posts in a month. Well hey, I wanted to get this batch done before Christmas, so... 

48 Icons
[8] Keira Knightley
[8] Audrey Hepburn
[8] Gone With the Wind
[8] West Side Story
[8] FFVII/FFVII:Advent Children (all Tifa-related)
[8] Final Fantasy VI/VIII/XII


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There's never such thing as posting too much! XDD

Lovin' your icons as always, the coloring, the style, everything!♥
The effects and lighting on FFVIII: 8 are simply lovely *turns green*

Beautiful job, will credit if used :]

Deleted comment

Thanks! =) I do plan on making more WSS icons, actually. I already have 108 bases that are waiting to be iconified. XD
OMG! I can see them now. They are beautiful. I steal 8.
CLOTI #2 & 6 = ♥♥♥ Snatching Ashe #3, and Rinoa #7 too -- thanks!
They're awesome! I'm taking a whole bunch and will credit you. :) Thanks!
Yay Audrey Hepburn! These are beautiful, snagging #6 of the Audrey ones. Will credit. Thanks.
Good Afternoon,

If it is okay I am swiping 2 and 3 of the Scarlett Icons. Thanks and I will credit!
Snagged a few, will credit if used...loved the Gone with the Wind and FF VIII ones^_^
I took all the Tifas one I will credit ^^
Snagging the little Ashe one. Will credit when used! :D
Those are beautiful; how did you do Tifa icon #1? ♥___♥

Taking, will credit when used.
Do you use Photoshop? I could give you the psd for it.

And thanks! =)


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago

great job


January 8 2007, 00:29:37 UTC 11 years ago

hey great icons loving and using
I'm taking a few from the WSS set, thanks!
I'll credit when I use 'em
newbie and i snatched a few from this one and another entry. I dont know where yall find these audrey hepburns
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