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ljamboree's Journal

The LJamboree
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What is this?
A place where fellow LJers can get icons and friends-only banners. I plan to expand this place in the future and provide other graphic design-related thingies like layouts and wallpapers and tutorials.

Who are the iconmakers?
astralwish |
granddisaster | myao | schierke
sixtiespink |
terra_katta | yuna

Rules/Other things you need to know about:
- Give credit, please.
- Also, comment on this journal and tell us which icon you're going to use.
- You hotlink, you DIE.

3am_icons |
akila_designs | calasolitude | carbon_paper      
colorfilter |
condomints | genevacode | grrliz_icons     
iargwath |
icondesign | icon_me | magdalenaicons
ohpaintbrush |
rupiconic | stickywicket | xd_inc 

Links to kickass icon journals
froucon |
iconcerto | icontradiction | precious_jemz

profile layout